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The purpose of this Corporation shall be to support the development of amateur track athletics and related sports in San Diego County by sponsoring teams and by offering to all segments of the community the opportunity to participate in these vigorous sports. While striving at all times to maintain a close working relationship with local interscholastic and intercollegiate programs, this corporation shall emphasize activities for those not served by existing school athletic programs.
The board shall consist of:
  • President 

The President shall be the presiding officer of meetings and shall be the President of the Board of Directors. A President shall serve for no more than three consecutive one-year terms annually affirmed by the Board of Directors. This member becomes eligible again after two years.  

Current President: Jameson Rienick
  • Vice President 

In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall assume the duties of the President, and in the absence of the Vice President, the Board of Directors shall select from its own members a President pro tem. 

Current Vice President: Tom Bache
  • Treasurer 

The Treasurer shall be the Chief Financial Officer and custodian of all Corporation funds, and shall disburse, receive, and keep account of such funds as the Board of Directors may, from time to time, direct. 

Current Treasurer: Ashley Harbecke
  • Secretary 

The secretary shall be responsible for the performance of all administrative duties for the Corporation, including: correspondence; official records; and proceedings of the membered division, its Board, and several committees, together with such other duties as the Board may prescribe for the best interests of the Corporation. This person also must render reports to the Board and to the members as the Board may specifically direct from time to time. With the concurrence of the Board of Directors, the Secretary may occasionally delegate certain previously outlined duties.

Current Secretary: Grace Bennett
*Board meetings occur on the third Tuesday of each month. Please visit the club Calendar for details.
A Proud Member of USATF, the governing body of the sport

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